More Cowsay

So you can do it as well as Orca does it. See it’s still just a one-liner, no stress, easy peasy bit of geekery … well, rather pseudo, wannabe, make-belief geekery. So let’s say you’ve got your Linux Mint (or any Ubuntu or Debian based OS) open and you be looking at the desktop. Now open your Terminal and just type …

sudo apt-get install cowsay

And, voila, not a minute later you have something like … no! You’re still looking at an empty Terminal screen with only your input prompt open. But now you can do an even easier command:

cowsay whatever text you want cow to say


Niiice! You did that well. You can call yourself a fukn GirlGeek now! Or a BoyGeek, let’s not forget our male readers here.

Of course you love Mint! I mean, who doesn’t? After Joe just reassured us again and again how good it is and how perfect your choice of Mint was, you’ll not be using whatever shit Orca’s on, do you?


Hey hey!  😮 At least I’m clever enuff to teacher you about this cowsay stuff, ain’t I?

So take this and eat shit:


See? It werkz in my distro too. Nener nener! 🙂 The cow’s even got her own Wikipedia entry. Read that and become a cow expert, a cow geek! 🙂


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