Cow Say “Shitfuck!”

Didn’t I just state that I’m not a girlgeek? And right in the next post I did something supposed to be, like, super geeky shit and installed a funny little Terminal program called cowsay.



Despite the cow’s flowery language this is pretty geeky, right?

No, not at all. It’s not even magic trickery but installation is just another oneliner command:

sudo pacman -S cowsay

And that’s it. Like two minutes later you’ll have the cow available in your terminal to say whatever you make her say. A very useless piece of coding shit, if you ask me. But it’s amazing all the same. =^.^=

And since we’re talking about talking cows on Linux, here, this video by Joe Collins I found today. It just reassures you that your decision to install Linux Mint as your first Linux was a perfect one. And Joe made use of the speaking cow too!


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