Buying a House … or Two. ;)

Ohayo gozaimasu, my friends.

Found a new home. Even two. Yes, I know, two houses on a small 1024 m² parcel is stupid and mostly impossible … and neither of these houses does meet my requirements. But! They are nice and nifty and only costed me, like, 99 Woolong each. Who can honestly say no to such an opportunity. I’ve told you already that I had a whole bucketload of houses looong before I became premium and bought my first land, the later OrCafé in Devilbrook, right next to Triumphal. Because I love buildings. So even if I won’t use any of the new dwellings … 99 bucks, come on!

Wanna see what Orcsi got?

This is the California by inVerse and for SL’s 15th birthday drastically reduced in price. Same builder, same deal with the Grace Bay [Extended]:

Needless to say both houses come with the full furniture set, loaded sex beds, multimedia TV sets, security and privacy settings. And loads of poses and anims. The Cali comes even with an animated pool while the Grace has  a dedicated bathroom. But no fear, I won’t stop going to the onsens anytime soon.

I love both dwellings very much. A shame they aren’t really multifunctional as motorcycle  garages, party clubs and editor offices. And what they are good for, living quarters, is far down in my priority list. Honestly, I stopped living in SL long ago and only spend time online for specific blogging purposes nowadays. So I won’t need a sexbed or a pool. Guess my search will continue. Haven’t even bought the parcel yet, so there’s no reason to hurry.

For now I’m pretty happy I could play with each house for a while and try out everything they got.


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