Buying a House … or Not

Ohayo! Folllowing my indecisiveness about what parcel to buy, I had at least kinda made my mind up about a new dwelling. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got a full washload of nice and very nice houses which I collect since early  2007, but those are all oldschool primbuilds. And in the year 2018 A.D. I want at least a modern mesh build, if not for the nice looks, then at least for the prim, or LI as you call it nowadays, saving.

So I set out looking for a house of sorts. Of course, since I’m such a granny, I started by looking at the traditional old SL architects, for example Ace Albion

… which only has one house set out in world. And I didn’t even like this one here.

See, the thing is that back in the olden days I bought houses because I liked them. As houses, as builds. If I needed them or not. Today I was looking for something specific …

Then onward to Aral Levitt of BAHIA. Yes, I know Tiki shit isn’t en vogue anymore but the good old Aral is such a nifty builder and her builds always have that special something.

… only I couldn’t tell you specifically what my specific needs are. Ok, I’m the wurst kind of customer, the customer from hell. I want a nice seaside home …

Barnesworth Anubis was always a hit and miss for me. This could be a perfect build for my purpose … but I don’t like it. It has no atmosphere. :/

.. which is also a nice roadside home.

Greek style? Naaaw.

What I want is a fisherman’s cottage with huge garage … and café and pub and disco club.

At inVerse I’m quite sure to find something for my taste and needs … and wants. But I was honestly a bit overwhelmed by the choices. Felt almost like a n00bie on Linux. 🙂

Of course it must also work as a display and editor office for my bloggy.

Jeebuz, the millionaire mansions at La Galleria are sooo fukn huge and pretentious. Let’s get out of here.

And as a promotion vehicle for all things GNU/Linux.

Lindini2 Lane of L2 Studio never failed to impress me with her quirky builds. But today I was a bit … dunno what I want. Can’t all those architects understand my dilemma?

So basically what I need is a chic and cool Italian style office of concrete, steel and glass … and a bit of Japanese charme can’t harm neither. 😉

I didn’t mind anything at Never You Mind. Not at all! Don’t care for a clown house.

… that also mixes in the stench of engine oil and the smell of freshly brewed coffee …

I didn’t have any hopes when I went to the Golden Oriole. Not in the right mind for fantasy medieval builds today.

… and the coziness of a wooden seaside cabin.

More tiki at Tiki Lounge & Tiki Tattoo. Too much tiki for me. Wood is okay, tropical rather not.

What I need is a multifunctional business building, not a private dwelling.

I never particularly liked the stuff at Trompe Loeil. But sometimes the good architect Cory Edo makes pretty nifty stuff. This glorious seaside house could be kinda perfect. Or rather not?

Is that so hard to get, ladies and  gentlemen of the architect’s guild?

Dunno if this is the same house in a different colour scheme? By now I’m so beat down by the hundreds of dwellings I’ve seen today, I just don’t care anymore.

Yes. I see I’m a problematic client. One that kinda knows what they want and how they want it … but not really. Not like that. Remember my second OrCafé building? That thing was perfect … and not even too big. But a fukn prim monster. 😦

Now that was a nice stylish building! In 2010 or so. :/

Make me that in mesh and I’m a happy camper!



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