To Buy Or Not to Buy?


Ok, found 2 nice parcels for my future solo empire, that petty much meet my requirements. Even more or less perfectly: Linden Route in front, Linden Coastal Waterway in the back. Of course not all that glitters is gold. :/ But lookie here:

1024m², 351 prims, road in front, water in back. “Mountain” to the right.

As you can see, the Lindens in their ineptness and their capability to destroy the beauty of their own world, allowed parcels to be sold that reach wide into the little bay. So behind each plot there are two more empty plots waiting for new owners. 😦

1024m², 351 prims, road in front, water in back. Nice desert on the left side.

I prefer this plot here. But directly behind it there be evil wicked people with security orb. 😮 But good thing is that nearby is a public rez area on a LDPW island. Nice. So ppl can visit me per boat and per land vehicle … and flying as always at your own risk. 😉

Both parcels side by side.

See why I prefer the left plot? Yes, no artificial rockface directly near my house but a wide open parcel. Still. It seems to be on sale as well, and I have no idea what the future has in store for me.

So anyway, after two days of searching I guess I’ve found the best solution for me. Still not sure if I should take it.

Oh! And these?

No road but water on 3 sides … ugh, twice as expensive as the other parcels anyway. Out of my range.
Road in front. Somehow I like the openness but this land has no direct water access. 😦

What’s more to say? All parcels are located on my home continent of Nautilus, which means more or less direct connection to the Blake Sea, Dire Strait, Bingo Strait (including Triumphal Yacht Club), and the continents Satori, Corsica and Gaeta V … and countless private estates.

All four parcels are located directly at or near to Linden Route 12 in northern Nautilus. It’s a good unlaggy hi-speed road and nicely swingalicious. So the ride is busy but easy. And as you can see the asphalt is in top condition. 🙂 Couple years back I used Route 12 regularly for my vehicle reviews. I just love this area of the SL grid.

So what to do now? Buy here on Nautilus … or buy nothing and toss my premium account and become a homeless bum again? Just like in the first four years of my existence in  SL. And save the grand sum of 72 US$/year. Hmmm, hm …



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