A Bit About Linux If I May

Sorry guys, but I did have held myself back quite good lately, didn’t I? Buuuuut just not reporting/bitching about Linux in blog doesn’t mean I’ve stopped all activities in that funky operating system, does it? In fact I’m computing exclusively in Linux and am happy as a clam. And even though I’ve found my personal best system once again and don’t have much interest in other solutions, I’m always keeping my eyes and ears – and sometimes even my mind – open for new input and other systems and different solutions and new ideas.

For example on my two Lenovo machines I’m testing Bluestar Linux, another Arch system with the KDE desktop (hubby’s supposed to look into that one) on MiniMe, and on little Gaga something I was bitching about quite often in the past: Antergos. And to make matters even worse I installed it with the Gnome desktop environment. 😮 Grrr, I hate that shit for political and practical reasons but in the spirit of open mindedness I just gave it another go.

And now look at this shit:


This is Antergos/Gnome as it comes out of the box, freshly installed. Pretty, eh? Nice and simple and clearly arranged. Because there is nothing to arrange! Fuk! Lemme show you what I mean …


When I do a screengrab Gnome puts the shot just into the Photos folder in my personal folder. It doesn’t ask me where it should go, doesn’t even give me any feedback once it’s done. It’s working admirably … like an autistic child. Pssssht, I guess many Linux developers – and LL employees too for that matter – are suffering mild symptoms of autism and sociopathic behaviour anyway. They just can’t imagine how real human beings work.


At least, as you can see in this screenshot, Gnome has now, after long debates, given us an active desktop of sorts. We can put files on the desktop now, and it even lets us create new folders … on the desktop! Whoa! That’s cool and kinda reminscent of working with a computer. You know … computers! These clunky things we old people have on our work desks and use since we’re too stubborn to do everything on our phones and the thought of always being online, around the clock, makes us shiver.

Bildschirmfoto zu 2018-04-13 08-54-50

This is a screenshot I made on my blogging machine (this one here) just now. See how nicely the excellent Mate desktop environment shows me what I just shot and asks me what to do with it? That’s computing as I understand it. Giving me the power and control over everything that happens in my box.

Anyhoo, maybe I should take Gnome more serious from now on. And Antergos too. You know this was actually the first time I got it installed without any hiccup on one of my machines. So, ya, maybe I should take Antergos into consideration from now on. You know it has its good points, always had ’em. The best thing is you can install roundabout 3 gazillion desktops from one and the same download file. So even if you’ve started the installation with the goal to get Mate or Xfce or KDE or whatnot, you can always change your mind and tell Antergos to install Gnome instead. Ok, installation takes very long on Antergos and I don’t know how the base system is. If they are close to Arch upstream or doing more or less their own thing, like the Manjaro guys.

Maybe I should find out.

So, see, these are the things keeping me busy and occupied even when I’m not writing about them. And there are many more points in which Gnome deviates from reasonable and sane IT concepts, and I guess I’m gonna collect some more.

But for now I’ve had quite enough adventures  in unknown Linux territory and closed Gaga and MiniMe down.


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