The Sailing Collective’s Land

Oh grrr. 😦

Now that we all have 512m² bonus land and no need to sell off half of our East River parcel, it happened. 😮

The Sailing Colective’s parcel. Business as usual … oh, wait! Something is different.

The parcel looks almost like always, doesn’t it? But what are the treehouse and the windmill doing here?

The helicopter shot shows were the parcel boundary between ZZ/Sapphy and the Collective is.

Turns out our friends ZZ and Sapphy have bought almost half of the parcel, as you can see from the parcel line in this overhead shot. That’s cool on one hand, since they are super nice and very cool. Should be a pleasure having those two girlies as neighbours.

One last view back, just to check if I’ve forgotten anything.

But here is my problem: We all just got 512 extra bonus land from the Lab, so it should be very easy to keep the parcel in full. No need to sell anything off.

Also I have the feeling we were going nowhere with this parcel. The only one building something worthwile on it was me and my shortlived OrCafé. Indeed I specifically built it to host one LCC afterparty, not as a permanent solution. So I was thinking about doing my own thing since quite a while. And today the opportunity presented itself. Took off my camper van and deeded the wall and the staircase down to the dock to group. Then took back my 1024 (no worries, there is still more than enough tier in the group). Then I kicked my altsister Phree out of the group, and was just about to leave as well, when I noticed I’m the fukn founder. Dunno if I can leave without causing major havoc, so I left Orca in.

Anyhoo, now I’ve already started looking for a new parcel, even found a good candidate. Will prolly purchase it a bit later in the evening …


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