The Power of Blogs!

The other day I reblogged a story from Inara Pey’s blog. That’s nothing out of the ordinary and is practiced by many bloggers. This one story was about a sailplane by one of our beloved SL sailing boatwrights, Rene Underby. That’s why it caught my attention and I relayed it in Thar She Blows!.

The original blogstory.

And there, in Thar She Blows! my good old friend Porter Tracy read about it and, as she’s obviously into flying these days, she got the idea to purchase the plane in question, the Rene Marine ASK 13. And so she did:

Porter by the plane, Orca watching. I accidentally made a screengrab because I was busy in IM and didn’t pay attention. :/

So, what do we learn from this nonsense story? Blogs are powerful! If Inara hadn’t blogged about the ASK 13, and if Rene’s name wouldn’t have alarmed Orca, Potty would’ve never ever seen this plane … and never bought it. You see? It all comes full circle.

Don’t y’all think Inara and me have earned at least a little comission now?



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