More Critters

This in response to Lucy’s post of yesterday:

Oh, wotz dat dere?

Ugh, Lucy darling, you were wrong: I don’t love gekkos! Never did. Quite the contrary, they creep me out. In fact I hate all reptiles, from small and creepy gekkos and chameleons up to huge and creepy crocs and aligators and tyrannosaurus rexes. All those lizards of all sizes, I find them, like, brrrr shiver. 😮

Sonny or doghta gekko, freshly hatched and already doing what gekkos do best: Sticking on the wall and crapping all over the place.

But otoh they are quite fascinating, as they help keeping the house free of moschies and flies and other insects. And as a girl from the cold northern German plains and beaches these things are very exotic for me. We’re absolutely not used sharing our living habitats with those coldblooded killers.

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