Mangolope’s Onsen?

Ohayo my peepels!

By now we’ve seen quite some onsens in SL, didn’t we? The good, the bad, the fuglies, the almost not worthy of the name onsen. But never, really never ever before did I feel so betrayed by a land owner as I felt today when I made my way to Riiki sim in the pretty posh and beautiful old old regions of my favourite mainland continent Sansara. And I say this as a proud and patriotic Nautilusian … and only parttime Sansaraista.

Look at this:

This is Mangolope’s Menagerie & the VEG, a buddhist day care center. 😉 Oh, it looks nice, alright. Well terraformed and lansdscaped, very harmonious. A nice place to meditate and chill.

And now look at the land decription:

Asian, Geiko, Maiko, Geisha, animals, peace, zen, chashitsu, onsen, pottery, kiln, forest, Buddhist, stupa, mountain, Kanzashi, Kimono, Karyukai, Japanese, Nihon, Nipon

(emphasis mine).

And now tell me, do we see anything that even looks remotely like an onsen? No, eh? I checked out the tower, the samurai house, the temple. No onsen there. Maybe that stream with the green waterfall? Nah! I put my toes in it and it was icey cold. :/

So no onsen at this onsen. 😦

Still I can recommend a visit to this parcel. It’s located right next to one of SL’s most beautiful mountain roads and makes a very nice starting point for exploration of the oldest parts of the grid. Only you can’t soak here. 😦


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