Is That Man Completely Gaga Now?

I knew it! Somehow I knew it. 😦 But I don’t get what’s so “nice” about attack missiles.

After America self-aggravated itself so strongly during the last couple days, their master muppet finally blew a valve! He went into a rant of hysterical historical proportions of major insanity and epic surrealism and threatened their partners in the war against terrorism with missile attacks.

Wasn’t Trump and his cronies always so concerned about the poor Syrian population being attacked by their own gov’ment? And now he’s gonna attack the same innocent Syrian population? To punish Assad?

This chemical baby is a lie. And the White Helmets are total bogus!

And, more important, to show Putin who has the bigger nuts! I mean how dare those fukn Russkis to defend a country that is already on its knees and assumed to be a partner to not only Russia but the USA as well? How dare they? Aren’t they all supposed to be fighting ISIS? And now shooting down American attack missiles? Tssk tssk. :/

“That’s war!” Really? Defending yourself and your ally against a senseless attack is war? Are they supposed to take it laying down, or wot?

Well, if Trump’s missiles are at least half as smart as he braggs they are, they will second guess their objective and never reach their targets but will turn around 180° and destroy their home bases. No Russian needed to save the world from this antihumane gangster.

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