Logged in this morning and saw my good old friend Tasha Kostolany online … and decided on a whim to TP directly to her. Maybe bursting in on her while she has some blonde little hussy in bed … or something equally fun and awkward. 😉

Well *cough* anyway …


First thing I noticed was that this grand old dame of sailing had become a fashion victim now too. Mesh from head to toe … and she’s grown quite a bit. 😮 Are we realistically sized avies out again?


Of course our conversation turned around the good old times and how many storms in the water glass we’ve survived in all those years and how many threats and insane people we fought and buried along the way. Oh nostalgia. 😉


Anyway, doesn’t look like my old Tasha anymore but I could fall in love with that avie as well. She looks great, doesn’t she, while she’s talking about old times and old affairs and Kanker and MTW and Jane and don Berithos and other figures of the past. Was very good to see her again.


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