More Bad News

I have waited for this response, expected it …

So obvious.

In case you haven’t heard, the Syrian army has driven ISIS out of East Ghouta. A huge victory against muslim terrorism! And they, together with Russian forces, did it without any help by by the USA. Quite the contrary. All America did was throwing sticks between the Syrian forces’ legs.

Anyway, now that the region and its people are save, and America is out of the picture, of course there must come a sissy prissy riposte. Yeah, let’s bomb Assad and millions of civilians. There must be a way to get that oil … somehow. And saving face, as if the situation isn’t awkward enough fot the USA already.

Mr. POTUS, you’re playing with fire. Please consider that for a moment. And maybe finally see that you’re standing alone against a whole planet which has quite enough of your selfish little power games!

Oh, the Chemical Attack?

Pffrz. Please tell me how that should be of any benefit for Assad or Putin or the Iranians? I bet if there was anything truthful about the attack, it was our friends from Israel or the CIA or some of the US supported “moderate terrorist” groups. Or the famous White Helmets, those truth warriors. :/


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