Good News Everybody!

Too little too late.

As good as this newness sounds in the first moment I still need to mention a couple things:

  • Stormfront is broke. Just broke, for whatever reasons. They haven’t been defeated by antifa or other political groups. In so far it’s not a political victory and we shouldn’t be too proud of Stormfront’s demise. Happy, yes. Proud, rather not.
  • I don’t know how influential Stormfront is or was, neither do I have any membership numbers. We can have a big fat party now while in the underground millions of racist fascists are planning something much bigger than Stormfront. And way more dangerous.
  • As the article states it’s only Stormfront’s outdated design that made people less supportive of the site. They are flocking to newer, more sexy sites as we speak. So the whole thing appears to me as just an out with the old, in with the new generational change in the American neo-nazi scene.
  • The recent worldwide political climate is generally moving to the right rather than to the left, we see raising numbers of patriots, conservatives and sociopaths everywhere. They strive for power! The demise of just one single nazi website makes no difference at all.

So, don’t go all \o/ YAY! \o/ now. There’s no reason for it. 😦



    • Uh, I guess most KKK members and other nazi riff raff aren’t so well off financially. Guess where all the hate comes from. :/


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