• I’m old enough to have had guns and not have had them, for years at a time. I sold my guns when one of my sons was going through some severe emotional disturbances and was a good enough lock-picker that gun safes were useless.

      I took riflery in college to get them off my ass about physical education electives (hey LSU! Thought your were going to make Patty sweat? Fuck you!) which included lots of gun safety, and training in handguns, rifles and shotguns. I’ve enjoyed shooting sports ever since. I’ve also held jobs where I had to train, qualify on a pistol range, and carry handguns.

      We in the US are dealing with the trauma of school shootings this year. The Washington Post has decided to publicize videos the Parkland, Florida shooter made just before murdering 17 people. Because selling online ads makes money for the Washington Post, and social responsibility, even the trivial amount it would have taken them NOT to write about those videos, doesn’t make money.

      When I was young, everyone in my small town had racks full of guns. Guess what? School shootings happened once every few years. It’s not the guns. Something else is broken. England just had a home shot up with guns which are very illegal for anyone to possess outside of the building of a gun club. They’ve had gun control that strict for over 20 years. It’s not the guns. Something else is broken.

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      • Yes, society is broken, and ppl are broken, and it’s just logical that we see more school and workplace shootings in Europe, now that we develop ever closer lifestyle to the Americans. Worse social security, more poor people, more insecurity, more competition … some idiots just snap. 😮


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