Okay, okay. I know I shouldn’t propagate anything Disney/LucasFilm anymore. They navigated themselves into a very deep hole I’m not willing to follow them in. But still …

Alden Ehrenreich PictureHey, it’s just a trailer, a fukn trailer. Open to anyone’s interpretation. And it’s a Star Wars Story, a plot from the past, so not touching any problematic developments of the official saga. Yep, Alden Ehrenreich isn’t a Harrison Ford. He’s just a pretty vessel without any personality and even less talent … but still I guess I’ll watch Solo. Trailer promises an exciting crime show.

And lots of Chewie! Dunno if I make the pilgrimage to the cinema, although in following traditon I probably should. All the while hubby sits at home, shaking his head at me and feeling so smug and morally superior.

So what? Fuk  him and hand me my ticket! 😉

Oh, and then there is also this shit:

Fuk wot?

The next Star Wars Story?

Announced for 2019???

Wouldn’t 2019 be the year for Episode IX? Wot the fok is going on at LucasFilm/Disney?

Concept trailer looks rather bland, as I expect the whole flick’s gonna be. Because it’s no secret and not an exciting story what happened to Obi Wan Kenobi after a certain Sith Lord made his appearance. Yup, exile and desert dwelling on Tatooine. Very very dull existence until a certain boy from the hood finds a certain droid …

Do we really need this? Dunno if I’ve gotta watch that shit … ugh who am I kidding? We all know I will do my duty as a media consument of the Star Wars era and fukn do it anyway. As y’all should do as well!



Last one at the box office is a Jawa!





Honestly now, didn’t the Jawas always remind you of another gang of little hooded creatures …


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