Linux Sexier than an iMac?

Better believe it!

It’s so fukken bootifool!

And it doesn’t just look nice, it’s got the specs too:

That’s some very decent equipment!

I must say the lack of an SD card slot is a questionable choice and makes the Slimbook Curve seriously unsuitable as a production machine. Well, on my recent machine I helped myself out with an adapter dongle kinda thingie, still it would’ve been very nice to have that SD card slot built in right away.

No idea what the manufacturers think about their AIOs, why they don’t take them as real useful PCs. As Apple shows since like forever, their iMacs are in professional use all around the planet and the main production rigs for countless photogs and video producers. Why shouldn’t the Linux version be able to do the same?

Apart from that the Slimbook Curve makes a very solid impression. Doesn’t look like some homebrewed ersatz machine at all but like a serious contender.

Buying this Slimbook ís easy as eating pie.

For such a sexy and well-specced beast the prices are very moderate, no?



    • Uh oh. 😦
      Yeah, not everything made by Lenovo screams “Professional!”. Far as I know it’s only their ThinkPad and ThinkCentre product lines which are made to the old IBM quality standards. Sorry to hear about your loss.

      And even more sorry I can’t give you any info about the cooling solution in the Slimbook Curve. Let’s just assume it’s not really made for power users. And not at all for gamers! Lack of a graphics card makes that abundantly clear, no?

      Still a very good deal as an everyday mom n dad computer if you ask me. Hellalot cheaper than comparable iMacs … and it runs on Linux!!!


    • !!! S.A.M.M.I.E. !!!

      Hey, you alive? Thought you lost the will to live and took your head and quietly left the building while nobody was looking. Very happy to see you. Girly, did you get all the latest news? 1024 sqm for your premium acc! I put mine into the East River plot already. And Trap thinking about selling Triumphal? You haven’t heard yet?

      Kum’ere woman and get your cuddlekissykiss xoxoxoxox


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