Hot Metal, Baby. :)


If you’re of a similar mindset to mine, lazy, tired, sleepy, totally spaced out, daydreaming … then you might have lost oversight of all the fantastic freebies our friend ZZ Bottom is sending out to us. I know I have. 😦


I’m not even unpacking/rezzing most of the stuff anymore. Just accept and stuff it in inventory. Yes, I’m so blasé and ignorant about stuff these days. Even worse, I’m indifferent! And that’s something no human should ever be. 😦

Anyway, when the other day I received a vehicle from ZZ that was neither a sailboat nor a GTFO freighter but going by the cool name Hot Metal, I just had to see that thing!


What it is is the pure essence of darkest and heaviest and speediest Heavy Metal! A motorbike so brutal and macho, it’s a joy just looking at it. It’s not the usual Hardly Davidson, not the usual hippie chopper or cruiser shit. The Hot Metal is The Shit! The real McCoy.

The original Yamaha V-Max. The inspiration?

Its looks remind us of the Yami V-Max. Remember that macho bike, girls? Much too big and powerful engine in a kinda pfff frame that was much too weak and poorly suspended to handle the overabundance of pure brutal power. In other words: A delightful hunk of death machine!

Weirdly enough ZZ implemented one playful and ultimately useless trick in her otherwise barebones machine. As soon as you put the bike in Park, a soundclip of Hendrix’ version of All Along the Watchtower starts to play. That’s not really, like, speed metal, is it? Fukn hippie shit. 🙂 I love it!


I view ZZ’s Hot Metal in the same vein as the V-Max, a fukn brute … but charming and innocent in its own naked way. As you can see in above shot, this bike comes complete with ZZ’s trademark numberplate and … and … nothing else. In this the Hot Metal reminds me on the V-Max even more. It’s a motorcycle in its purest shape and form, an honest-to-the-bone riding machine. And nothing else. No tricks. You can’t even change gears or switch on the riding light. It’s a hulk of honesty!


Look at the weird spare parts ZZ welded all over the bike. The huge fan up front and the four smaller fans along the side of the motor. That’s a bit showy, granted. But we forgive this Hot Hulk his vanity, not just because it’s free but because it looks hella sexay!


It’s not the Hot Metal’s fault but obviously bad sim management by the lab. As experienced Gaeta V riders know, this sign doesn’t really show the end of Route 7 but the road kinda continues behind the rocks. In form of a boardwalk and then as an underwater road in best bullshit, afterthought LL fashion. SL sometimes is funny like that.


But as soon as I passed the rocks and went onto the boardwalk, I found myself hovering like 10 meters behind my fancy bike, unable to move or do anything. As I said already it’s not the Hot Metal’s fault. Just one of the many uh oh moments of mainland vehicling. Still I much prefer this freedom, this “dangerous” lifestyle, over boring racetracks on single sims every day.


Back to the bike. This shot from above shows clearly what ZZ tried to achieve here and how well she did it. This thing is brootal! And it’s not even overly fast but pretty easy to ride, even on Orca’s kinda long-pinged connection (yes, still waiting for fiber to finally get activated).


This close-up of the fans, turbines, whatevers on the Hot Metal makes it abundantly clear for every onlooker: This bike ain’t to be fuked with! =^.^=

Oh, and just in case you’re not a friend of ZZ and Sapphy’s, sorry, no chance to get a Hot Metal for yourself. I’ve looked but this bike isn’t on their Marketplace store, it doesn’t appear. 😦



  1. Lovely pics.
    Btw, 2 shift gears use right shift and left or right arrow:
    And it is not on marketplace for a simple reason; we don’t sell bikes.
    I placed all my latest builds for free on a box near the GTFO hub at our marina.

    That includes all the builds i’m making for the last 3 months as being retired allow me a lot of free time and Saphy that is the one that runs the shop can not upload any of those fast enough.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ooooh, Foneco, that’s good news indeed. Gearshift on the bike and being retred and having lots of time to play and create is cool, eh? I could do that as well but I’m lacking the needed patience and interest. I much rather play with RL vehicles. =^.^=


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