It Never Gets Old. :) when Orca was kinda fresh on her Linux journey? Ya, she loved to show you a lot of “Linux is betterer than Windows!” videos. Some time ago the steady flow of over eager missionary UToobers seems to have stopped. Dunno why exactly. Guess the world population is already enlightened about all things Linux and made the jump.

Or not?

Anyhoo, the DistroTube channel just gave us a brand new Top Five List of why Linux is bettererer than Windows. And you know the editrix, she just can’t resist relaying this useful propaganda to you.

Nothing new. But it can’t harm to remind ourselves from time to time why we are so happy on our Linux boxes, and feel so smug and so much bester than we ever did on our winapples of the olden days.



    • No. Thank You for letting me know in such polite terms that I must stop the nonsense now. I know this whole Linux thing has to come to an end but I just can’t get over myself. 😦


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