This is Bullshit! :(

Nice styling, Zotac. 🙂

Aloha! And here we are again with yet another friggin mini small computing device, as Orca loves those thingies. Yes. But not all of them. And definately not the ZOTAC ZBOX PI225. This thing is stupid. It’s small and tiny alright. But it pays dearly for its tiny form factor with very limited performance. And that’s not something we particularly like, do we?

YouTube was a bit so-so about the Zotac PI225

Don’t get me wrong here, nobody expects super computer performance from a teeny tiny Intel Atom processor, but this little Zotac overdid it with the size concerns and sacrifiiced too much computing power in the interest of keeping temperatures manageable.

To get some connectivity you gotta use a dongle thing. And there goes your mini form factor. 😦

Well, at least it runs Linux. As Lon found out when he installed Ubuntu on this shitty thing. The performance problems continued in Linux too and he found the little Zotac not recommendable. That’s really a shame, since Zotac usually knows how to make super stuff and marry the quirky with the utilitarian. So maybe, if you’re very desperate to finally get your Linux life started and Amazon is your only friend in the whole wide world, then for around 200 Woolong this little wonder can be yours. But let me tell you, you could do so much better!

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