Nobody Loves YouTube

… still most of us see no reason to go there and shoot people. Do we?

Yes, I know. Many creators and contributors have problems with the unfortunate changes on YT. Some are losing most of their income n shit n stuff. But is that a reason to go there and shot ’em up? Well, if it is and you have an argument for it, then go ahead and shoot up their corporate overlords at Google too. And let’s not forget Linden Lab. Name a single avie who never had any probs with that amateurish shop. Let’s meet in San Francisco, that’s not too far off YT headquarters isn’t it? And let’s roll some Linden heads. 😮 Hold my beer and let me quickly shoot Ebbe and his cronies. See if that helps.

😮 YIKES! 😮

Anyway. Actually. No. Just no! We are humans, aren’t we? We don’t just kill people if we’re unhappy with them. “Dealing” with stuff doesn’t mean going berserk on it!



    • Lez!
      Datz no sexy, darling. No sexy. Here, I give you permission to persuade them vocally to join the good side. If becomes necessary rape them with a broomstick! But shooting? Datz so icky, wuarrgs… 😮 We
      are small and fluffy, Lez, not big and brutal.
      Plus there’s the good old and proven to work method of just ignoring them away. 😉


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