Hikaru Onsen

Hikaru Onsen
Ohayo! Today I found a snowy and icey onsen, which is … cool? Particularly if the water is HOT!
Land description: Enjoy this snowy Onsen hot spring in the Mountains of hikaru. Bathing, relaxing, washing, cuple animations and much more to use. 温泉 湯 ゆ
Hot spring
Hikaru is well landscaped natural hot springs bath on a non-connected sim. But it’s no RP area either, so the whole sim was more or less only made for us to take a bath every now and again.
Unfortunately many anims and poses are in pose balls and very visible and distracting. It really takes away from the natural beauty of this mountainous onsen.
I also noticed the absence of the usual changing rooms at Hikaru. It isn’t necessarily bad if we forego all the traditional Japanese rites that belong to taking an onsen. Here at Hikaru you just jump in, if you’re not too appaled by the many balls.
Only at the entrance area we find a little pavillion …
… where ladies and gents can grab a free towel and leave a donation for the sim owner, Moon Fargis. I must say tho, the female towel looks more like a mini dress from 2005 or so. The onsen itself hasn’t probably seen any updates since then neither.
It’s gotta be said, the wet area of this onsen is huge and you can find some little bays and land areas for sunbathing, chatting and cuddling.
I could float here, like, forever. And reminisce about why the sim’s windlight is so boring. Unfortunately tho this blog doesn’t write itself, so I must hurry.
This is the coolest part of this bathing landscape. Fortunately the water is hot. Don’t we wonder how the snow’s not melting? “The Miracle of SL” is always a good explainification.

CONCLUSION: Hikaru is a basically wonderful onsen, with terrific terraforming and landscaping. Unfortunately it’s rather outdated. And worst of all, it really lacks atmosphere. An outdoor onsen is crying out for steam effects and a much more gloomy sky. And contrary to Hikaru’s natural setup, traditional it’s not. Hikaru’s still well worth our patronage.

Macaques like Gokuraku too!


    • It’s not just nice, it’s gokuraku … when done right.
      Astonishingly, after having reached the end of my list, lately there seem to spring some new onsens onto the grid. Weird, since the ones I’ve visited last give a rather oldschool impression. I guess LL changed their search algorythm or sumfink.


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