That’s Sad. :(

State-of-the-art means good, no?

I dunno about you but when I or hubby – oooh yes, particularly hubby – get sick, we’re predominantly preoccupied with being sick. Coughing, sneezing, healing broken bones, organs, cancer, tooth ache, all the usual stuff. The last thing we want to think about is how much it costs to put us back in a functional state of being. Understandable, isn’t it? And as citizens of a stinky rich European country with a semi-functional system of social insurances (unemployment, pension and, yes, health) we never have to worry about any financial shit. Because our gov’ment thinks the same: We shall get healthy soon so we can enjoy life and/or work to its fullest extent … and best wishes and godspeed to us.

That’s kinda the same way in almost every other country I know of. With the notable exception of the Republic South Africa (and probably most other African and Asian countries too), and … very sadly the United States of America. 😮

Hey, relax guys, Mexico doesn’t have a social health system neither. But then pharmaceutics and doctors and nurses aren’t as grossly overpriced as in the US.

Green countries are good countries.



  1. Why am I not surprised! Since I live in the US I live in constant fear I will get sick and I kept the health coverage when I retired. As I think you know your hubby and I have quite a preexisting condition. He need not worry but every time I have to see a doctor I wonder if a load of preexist condition crap will be dumped on me.

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    • True, that can’t happen to hubby. The statuory health insurance can’t kick him out. otoh he mustn’t even try getting private insurance. Doesn’t matter since the state-owned insurance does not just cover him but me as well. And if we had kidz, them as well up to their 18th birthday or until they start paying their own insurance fees. And they even give him a monthly pay out so he can employ help and caretakers … his wife for example. And hubby’s health insurance even pays towards my pension fund. It’s pretty cool. And still much cheaper than professional help which the insurance had to pay much more for. So it’s a good deal for them, too.

      And, once again, especially for all Americans: This has nothing to do with socialism!

      As long as we worked we paid forward into all social insurances. That we’re now getting out more than what we paid in, well, I call it fate. And I bet my husband would cancel his benefits on the spot if he could just walk again and do some kind of job! I guess you don’t wanna swap with him. Not just because you had to live with Orca as your spouse but because having MS and being bound to a wheelchair sux balls! The big ones!

      And, well, yes, Orca as your wife … hmmm … RUUUUN!!!!

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      • Yes, being in a chair SUXS the big one! FYI I am one of the few Americans that does know what socialism is. My degree, which I earned after I was sick is in Political Science.

        I have a neighbor who is always railing against social programs and how evil they are. I have to bite my tongue to keep from asking her. “Why don’t you give back that evil artificial hip the socialist program medicare put in you?”

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