Same Same … but Different

The Mother Road

Aaaaw, Route 66, the dream road where you get your kicks. Of course it inspired SL sim builders … and even of courserer their sims turned out pretty much similar. I mean, what you gonna do as sim builder, landscaper? All you need is a kinda straight road, a desert, small town Americana, some nostalgia … and there you are, all set. Let’s have a look at 2 different – but still same – Route 66es in Second Life:

The Mother Road is a sim I visited in earlier times, in a time before time … anyway, before I started blogging. I don’t even know if this is the still, or again, same sim. All I remember is that the sim kept me entertained for an hour with many quirky details, and there was even a nifty bicycle store.
This modern makeover is just a weak attempt to reach the same amount of excitement. Yeah, the new builds all look better, being mesh n all but the excitement, the curiosity is gone.
Motorheadz Café/Route 66 does it better, somehow.
The Japanese sim owner/builder, ROCKET (Rocket Biedermann), even visits his own creation and dances with groupies. 😉 Forget diamonds and pearls, really cool girls love caffeine and gasoline!
Where there’s a road there will be cars … and girls of course. And whores. :/
You won’t find any rez areas at the Mother Road but there is a motorcycle rezzer at the sim’s edge.
Very rural Americana.
The whole setup of Motorheadz looks better and more detailed than the Mother Road.
I kinda like how Rocket tried to infuse some life into his sim by adding some scenes with dummies. This, by the way, is the namegiving Motorheadz Café.
More little vignettes with dummies and … catz! OMfG, so many effin’ cats in this sim!
The robot car “traffic” at Motorheadz makes a nice unsettling atmosphere. In the case of speeding heavy trucks right next to the parking lot, an atmosphere of claustrophobia. And that in the fukn desert! 😮
A little hamlet with only one motel but at least 3 hoes is a prime example of a “buyer’s market”, isn’t it?
The endless highway is of course all smoke and mirrors in both sims I visited. The exploring ends even before you get to the water tower, even before you reach the gas station. It’s all just a cleverly made wallpaper. One of the reasons why I prefer to do some real exploring on the Linden Routes. At least at Motorheadz I could rez one of my own bikes, the nice and classical Psycho Wheel bobber.
A loooong freight train always makes for a good photo prop.
The very few backroads of either Route 66 sim are a bit pointless. Ok, they make decent photo backdrops but ultimately lead to nowhere.
The donut shop is a must in every American sim!
It’s such a welcoming sight when you ride into town after the loooong trek all the way from the sim’s edge. Imagine, just try to imagine, one of our mainland continents be styled like that. Wouldn’t that be too cool?

As always, special thanks go out to Inara for inspiration.

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