High Fidelity, Sansar, and How Little They Have To Do with Second Lifers.

Second Lifers don’t need VR goggles. If they host their own servers to play as High Fidelity’s residents do, it’ll be in the Open Sim grids, with a wide selection of virtual worlds which play just like Second Life. Money poured into Project Sansar could have been used to grow the Second Life which brings in the money, and more servers and staff to keep Second Life playable and a world full of wonder. What’s wrong with a world of wonder, anyway?


Loving this well-thought out article by Patricia de Chenier. It’s a bit longer than most people’s attention span, but please promise me you’ll at least try to stay focussed for a couple minutes, ok?

Ars longa, vita secundus...

Manthorpe reports that Second Life’s player population has dropped from its plateau a few years ago of about a million to half that more recently. He then says a more hardware-intensive VR platform such as Philip Rosedale’s “High Fidelity” or Linden Lab’s Second Life spin-off “Project Sansar” will attract more players. Over six and a half continuous years in Second Life have shown me no evidence for that being true.

The Wired UK article says “The game still has a sizeable community and a GDP of “half a billion”. ” That estimate may be conservative. Most people in Second Life…

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  1. I would say those estimates are conservative indeed. My main account (which is some years in age) I was cleaning inventory one day and decided to do a little adding up…I quit because I didn’t want to know the grand total once I got to 50 THOUSAND RL US dollars in inventory..on that ONE account. Erm, yes I spent over 50 grand on an avi in a “game” over the years….ouch.

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