Dan Knows Rather Well …

… where we’re heading.

Last Stage Capitalism

Not to brag but isn’t that what I’m saying pretty much since I’m, like, ten years old or so? I  said it at least very early on in my blogging career: We’re manipulated! 😮



  1. I grew up when Dan Rather did the news, I say did NOT read the news. Then news was not just the opinion of “news” readers the corporate owners. Dan Rather does a 1/2 hour independent news and commentary each week at 5:30 Easter US time. Available online through The Young Turks Network ( https://tytnetwork.com/ ) which is progressive internet only production. Definitely NOT a place you are going to hear Russia, Russia, Russia or Stormy Daniels but actual issues. (Stormy Daniels deserved about two days of coverage. It was already obvious Trump is a pig with no morals.) TYT is a good place to start doing your own research.

    Personally I haven’t bother to get news from the usual US sources like CBS, MSNBC or CNN in almost ten years. While I have several online sources like The Humanist Report ( http://www.humanistreport.com/ ) and others. I also try to keep an international perspective by listening to the Canada Broadcasting System, BBC world service, Deutsch W (OK I know I misspelled it but I don’t write German.),and Feature Story News,, (I know I’m missing Asia, Australia, and Africa but I’ve never found good ones. ) Do you think I’m a new junky?

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    • I watch TYT sometimes. Not often and not regularly tho. I try to avoid getting brainwashed, least of by my “own” side.

      “Deutsch W”
      Did you mean the Deutsche Welle (German wave)? I never listen to that shit. I guess it’s just a propaganda station for Germans living overseas and overseas listeners like you. So we know how bad the Russians are and how good friends the Americans are and the WEST is the BEST and all that shit.

      And, yes, I truly do think you might be a news junkie. 😉


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