Hey Jackie! :)

I’ve heard you liked Neptune 5 Linux? Look what I found especially for you:

Wanna know more? Click here!

Our old friend, the incorruptible Jack M. Germain, reviewed Neptune 5 and from the very few lines I’ve read, he obviously rather liked it. And, not with this distro, but others I’ve tested or have recently on long term test in my Top Secret Linux laboratory, the overall quality of GNU/Linux distributions is on the up and up, and better than ever.

Graphical installers make that terribly important first step into the Linux metaverse super easy for n00bs. Gazillions of new Desktops cater for every kind of need. Want to toggle stuff and kinda build your own user interface or want to find a completely prefabricated environment in which you don’t have to – neither can’t – do anything yourself? It’s all been cared for, it’s all there.

These days it’s easier than ever to become part of the biggest movement in computing in, well, ever. And thx to peoples like Jack M. Germain it’s also a bit easier to decide on which of the available two or three million gazillion Linuxes could be the right one for you.

That’s cool, no?



  1. Yes! I really liked Neptune, if I could have installed my Nvidia drivers I would have stayed on it..but after mucking around, forum hunting etc found it to be a real pain in the ass. I am sure it can be done, I saw some complex terminal shit to do it…I just decided to go back to Mint and not have to muck around. I did take a list of all the pre installed software and downloaded the things I think I will actually use.

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    • “I am sure it can be done, I saw some complex terminal shit to do it”
      Terminal shit? In 2018? I’m sure a nifty distro such as Neptune is shipping with a graphical package manager, and installing the recent (well, recent for Debian circumstances) Nvidia driver is just a matter of two or three mousyclickers.

      Of course it won’t even be close to Mint’s hardware detection and installation, but it’s doable. Without any terminalling!


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