Facebook? Not on Firefox!

Haven’t you heard?

Okayyyyyy … for the last time now! And for those guys living under a rock, for all the stupids, politically unaware and consuming sheeples. Mozilla cares about you in these times when the whole, sane world has already written you off. So, focus now, Mozilla really seems to think there still might be one or two users left on Facebook. 😮 Yes, I see you shaking your head in disbelieve, but I know it is in fact so.

And it’s even worse: The Mozilla Foundation (themselves not totally free of scandals), even seem to think there are some Firefox users still active on FB. 😦

Well, it’s not my – nor anybody elses – business to decide what music to play at your funeral. But just know it will be your funeral if you still insist stickin’ with Facebook, that clump of mud, the cancer of the internet.

Well, you can rest assured now: After years of yourself stupidly exposing your whole life to Facebook, Firefox finally built a wall. A wall to protect your stupid ass from the data spys at Facebook and their clients.

Go back to sleep now …



  1. If you EVER created a FB account I hope you have better luck than me purging it from your computer. I canceled an account I had in my SL avatar’s name. Now weeks later I still get so-in-so wants you to friend someone. I’ve spent a lot for time fumigating my system. I wonder if I will ever get rid of FB, 😦

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    • No, I’ve never. There are truly much better, more wholesome things one can do with a computer than doing virtual antisocial platforms.

      Feeling with you about your computer. And I was the whole time like “fukn purge your system and do a reinstall, and you’re clean like a baby’s ass.” Then I remembered it’s not your computer! Not at all!

      Like everything nowadays the whole shit happens online. I guess just ride it out for a couple weeks. Some time, sooner or later, your FB acc will fizzle out by itself. Until then just set everything coming from FB as spam.

      I dunno what email program you use. On Thunderbird you just set in in the settings. Should be a couple clicks. Problem solved, heavenly peace and quiet.


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