Must-Have Linux!

Moebuntu is, after Mangaka, already the second anime/manga themed Linux distribution. And of course Quidsup again is the YouTuber making a video about it.

This Linux “distribution” seems to be a bit more thought out and clever than Mangaka. More moe it is anyway! =^.^=

Even pinker than Hannah Montana Linux. 🙂

And, look, they’ve even  integrated a rainbow colour palette into the theme. That’s sooo kawai! And, whoa, the moe is available in lightweight moeluntu (Lubuntu. LSDE) and Moexuntu (Xubuntu, Xfce) desktop flavours. Those are probably aimed at weakish kiddy school computers.

Please don’t expect me reviewing that shit! Orca’s cute enuff without pinkish fluff. 🙂 But, again, amazing what ppl come up with if you give them the opportunity. Astonishingly they start making bombs! … strawberry flavoured sugarbombs that is. 😉


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