Capitalizing Thar She Blows!?

¡Hola amigos!

I have a question for you.

And please be honest with your answers. Brutally honest!

beg4Thing is lately I’m entertaining some thoughts about capitalizing Thar She Blows! Thought about getting into the Amazon affiliates program … don’t like the idea, since I don’t like the political power Amazon amasses, like Google and similarly evil entities. So, as much as I’d like to recommend and sell you nifty IT products and cameras and books and stuffz, no, I rather don’t go that route. Dunno if I’d qualify for it anyway, since I’m myself probably the worst Amazon customer ever.

beg1So, how can I make some money without doing anything, without delivering anything of real worthwile value? Hah! Begging! That always werkz, does it not? It’s not ideal, it’s a bit self-depreciating, it’s not something one should be particularly proud of.

OTOH I’m really working on this blog. Not hard, mind you. But actually spending wayyyyy too much time hunched over my computer, composing blogstories and bullshit and nonsense and mildly entertaining shit. Even though its original theme (Second Life and Second Life Sailing) got a bit muddled and I’m not very often in world anymore. This is now “a show about nothing”, sad but true.

But, again, NOOO! That would never work, would it? Nobody ever had success with such a poor concept. So what to do? Fuk, do I really need to resort to stupid e-begging? 😮

beg2Lately I see a lot of YouTube channels begging on Patreon. But I mean those are video channels, they produce more or less amazing shit, something worthwile for their viewers to watch and get excited about. I’m not a blogreader per se but I’ve never seen a blog being on Patreon. Dunno if there are any. And even if, they are prolly highly specialized blogs, with many more than Orcablog’s 2 or 3 readers. Blogs full of wisdom and expertise and shit. Something for the readers to take home, other than a pity smile or slight anger, or even RAGE. And nobody pays money for getting enraged, do they?

Orca a creator? Yikes!

beg3So, what say you, my long-suffering readers? Is it presumptuous of me to ask for patronage of my poor little bloggo? Even a blog in a foreign language that I not have fully mastered yet, a blog where the only valuable content is created by my Brazilian friend and TrYC chief-RD, Lucy?

What does Orca deliver apart from poor Linux propaganda, poorly researched useless opinion pieces, poor America bashing, Putin fangurling, wannabe movie criticism, and sometimes the one or other bath house story from inworld, where my male readers can perv at my itsy bitsy nothing-to-see-here titties?

And asking for money … for that shit? Am I stupid? Do I really need a reality check, must I check in with Kathleen Kennedy’s psycho therapeut (although he’s hardly worth his fee)?

Please tell me what a shithead I am in the comment section below.




  1. See that .blog in your URL? Be careful of what and how you promote anything, If they do not like your affiliate link they will suspend your blog, and POOF there goes Thar She Blows. It is the main reason I host my own websites. has banished more than one website of mine over the years because they didn’t like an affiliate link I used. That being said, Youtubers dont know shit about marketing online for the most part, most of them do it completely wrong (BTW my full time RL IS Internet Marketing Data Analyst). I wrote this post to Steve at Gamers is applicable to you as well.

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    • Yeah, I know his channel, although I haven’t subbed it. Me no gamer. And I’m not a Toober neither, so I guess marketing for a blog is different, no? Berry Singh seems to be very successful with her blog, but she delivers real content on a whole different level than my blahblahsnapshotblahblahcommunismblehblahblubb…


      • The main thing that some of the “big guys” don’t even do tho, is build an email list. It is rule #1 Build an email list, then if say WordPress shuts down your site since they own it, or youtube, or facebook or any one of a thousand places that people use that they dont own, shuts down their shit…you just send a broadcast email and say hey…I have content over here now and lose almost nobody.

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            • Unfortunately nothing at TSB! is irresistable. Hm, Lucy in bunny costume maybe, or Trap’s super Fuji camera. But them gurlz most prolly gonna kill me if I raffle them and their shit away for email addies.


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