Huge Update Today!

Arch Linux update that is.

Just to be clear I’m not reporting about an SL update since we’ve got quite enough of those lately, I guess, and still busy deciding what to do with All. That. Land. and All. Those. Extra. Prims. So this is merely a short reminder for any of my readers as to why the editrix is so fond of her Linux OS.

Looksee here:


There, see it?

Linux Kernel 4.15.13!

Nvidia graphics driver 390.48!

Tell me any (really, ANY!) other Linux distros who are that fast and so far in their development. Until Debian and Ubuntu and their respective forks and family members get to be on Linux 4.15 or have Nvidia drivers  of the 390 generation available for them, it might take months, even years. 😮

And Orcsi just gets the freshest shit delivered to her computer. At night, while she’s happily snoring. So in the morning all I had to do was accepting the huge download of 440 MB. And after it was done I rebooted the computer, just to make sure everything went well.


Cool beans.

We don’t even talk about Windows And MacOS, they are in a sorry world of their own.

Are you jelly now?

If you’re on Linux, don’t be. My recommendation is still valid: Linux Mint 18.3 or .4 or whatever is the valid version right now, or whatever is your fave distro, is plenty good. You don’t necessarily always need the latest and greatest software. It is the poor Windows fraggles and members of the Apple cult. It’s those fringe groups of the computing world who should slowly wake up and smell the napalm. 😉



    • “390.48 is your “new” driver version.”
      Not just new, brandspanking new it still oozes off fresh command lines and fights with other stuff for space on my SSD.

      “Well that kind of stinks for us who have newer cards.”
      Why that? I always thought all GTX cards get the same driver. If I would still be on my GTX260 I’d gotten the same 390.48 version.

      “The current version is 391.35 , still not available on Linux”
      Yes, it’s a Windows version, that’s why.
      Much more interesting question: What version of Nvidia did you get lately on Mint? Are you at least on some 390 in the meantime?



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