Good News For Cinnamon Lovers

For example Jackie, or just about anybody who installs Linux Mint with its out-of-the-box standard Desktop Environment. Did you always feel your Cinn DE was a bit sticky, a bit slow and needed a second to think about stuff before actually doing anything?

Yes, so did we all, and that’s one of the reasons why your editrix jumped ship and went with the oldfashioned Gnome2 desktop Mate. Anyhoo, the guys at Mint are well aware of that problem … and they acted accordingly and made their homegrown main desktop a tad faster.

Check out the Minty Bloggy:

The future is a fresh minty flavour now!

Clever Mint team! After, oh I dunno, a gazillion years, you finally agreed to the fact that Mate and Xface are faster than your Cinnamon? After even the super evil Gnome3 has found more fans than your well-meant but ultimately inconsumable spice. That’s like, let’s take for example Linden Lab, agreeing that the SL land prices are way too steep … only after they’ve lost like 2/3 of their residents and turned the grid into a giant wasteland.

Bravo! Well done, guys.

“I’m a (mint) leaf on the wind. Watch how I soar …”



  1. I never found it slow, but then again my machine is pretty beastily and doesn’t find many things to be slow when I hear others complain about them…shrugs. It’s a Skylake 6600k OC’d to 4.6ghz with 32GB of 3000mhz RAM, not much slows it down on any level that I can perceive.

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    • But even Clem and his guys are admitting to the sluggishness of Cinnamon. So it must be true, they are all on shitty yesteryears hardware, like real Linuxers. 😉


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