This is Not Clever …

… or recommended. But it can be done! And that is what’s important, no?

Techradar finds this thing cool.

This is the Hades Canyon NUC, a minimini gaming PC by Intel … in cooperation with AMD. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Yes, I told you it’s not clever but it actually is. And it makes total sense. As a decently powerful gaming PC that is. Totally not for our envisioned usage scenario as a dirtcheap Linux testing system. I mean the Hades Canyon cost well over 1000 Woolong, which is a bit steep for our humble needs.

Tux’s not dead, he just smells funny

But otoh the Hades, like its predeccesor, the Skull Canyon, is such a nifty little machine one just wants to own it because it’s possible! And wouldn’t that be the bonafide highlight in your computing life, kicking Windows shit off this precious machine, installing Linux on it and use the shit to do mom n dad-like facebooky, emaily, videowatchy stuff on it?

Different but excactly the same … but different … but same …

In my original hometown, Hamburg/Germany, there was this guy, driving a brand new Ferrari … haphazardly spraypainted in fugly NATO olive! You could often see that car parked in front of pubs and chic fashion boutiques in the trendy parts of town. Being ten times uglier but also ten times more expensive and exciting than all the boring luxury limos. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ That shows a similar mindset, don’t you think? Not clever, not recommended but the ultimate in nonchalant cool. ๐Ÿ™‚

So, peeps, if you got a cool 1000 smackeroos laying around, why not invest them inย  this machine and be the coolest kid on the block for a couple weeks?



  1. I actually love this machine quite a bit other than it is launching with last generations CPU, if it had Coffee Lake I would click the buy button ASAP, but for that money for outdated hardware…nope. That is the problem with buying OEM stuff, it is already old by the time it hits the shelf.

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    • And isn’t it weird that it is built by Intel themselves? I mean they are sitting on the latest gen CPUs, so why don’t they deliver the goods?


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