Southern Ocean Tragedy – Week 22 – Volvo Ocean Race they’ve killed already a civilian fisherman en route Hong Kong, the  VOR fleet have now lost one of their own. 😦 Or to say it in the words of a YT commenter: “You guys are a joke, put a motor in where you can rescue your crewmen!”.

+ R.I.P. John Fisher +

Team Sun Hung Kai Scallywag

I find it all a bit weird. When sailing in gale force winds and high waves every crew member on watch and above deck MUST wear a PFD + a harness with lifeline and be tethered to the boat at all times. I know how it feels after days of stormy conditions. You’re tired, wet and hosed, you’re losing focus, you become careless, you can’t concentrate properly anymore. You become ho-hum and apathetic. But especially in these critical times it’s the skipper’s duty to make sure that discipline doesn’t slip and the crew don’t get lackadaisical.

But what do I know?

The VOR show seems less concerned about the tragedy:

Fukn dickhead move, no?


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