Jackie Found a New Linux Distro

There are so many truths in this article!

If you read the comment section of this here bloggy (and I’m maintaining my position that it’s the most intersting part of the blog) you surely have noticed how differently Jackie and me tick when it’s about Linux. She loves shit I can’t stand, I try to make her love shit she deems too difficult, she said, she said, yadda yadda yadda …

But then you must have noticed how we are totally congruent when it comes down to the most basic questions. And in her write-up of Neptune 5 Jackie formulated some thruthinesses better than I could ever do. Which is no wonder since she knows how to write stuff in English language, something I’m rather ignorant of.

Anyhoo, reading the first paragraph alone is so very much empowering and inspiring. I’ll probably download and install Neptune today and try out if I could live with it. Because it’s simple. Because it’s easy. And because – now back to my old topic of having various computing machines at your disposal – we can do so without risking to endanger or even lose our current setups. I can fuk the Neptune installation up, I can hate what I get, I can turn into a raging crybaby, none of that matters. Because none of that shit will even come close to my main rig, my home system.

So, kidz, no matter what you think about Jackie’s Neptune article (which is very very good btw), one thing you have learned already by now: Get theeself a fukn disposable komputah!!! And then put Linuxes on it. Every day a new distribution, until you’ve found yours. And then forget about Jackie and Orca and their bickering, as they surely will hate your stupid choice. But you’ll know how awesome you truly are. And only that counts!

Make your pick. No need to choose wisely.

Welcome to one of the most hostile environments ever, welcome to the wonderfully quirky and socially inept world of Linux. Happy to have you. And now fuk off with your stupid distro, traitor! May the Curse of Stallman give you bad kharma for the rest of your sorry life.  LØL


  1. Hah! You are exactly right, what I think or you think about a Distro only matters to ourselves. That is the great thing about Linux, we actually get to choose our OS and how we want it and what works for us as individuals. Opinions are based on how we use our own computers. You don’t got to like my distro, it is cool..I have to like it because I am the one who uses it day in and day out.

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    • “I have to like it because I am the one who uses it”
      Wrong and wrong!
      LOL, no, you don’t HAVE to like your stupid distro, neither do you HAVE to use it!

      Didn’t you know that I always HAVE to HAVE the last word? Back in school my teachers already loved that about me.


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