And Again a New NUC

Ohayo, miniature fraggles. 😉

Today we’re having a look at yet another of Intel’s NUCs if you don’t mind. Ugh, well, if you mind you can just ignore this post and go back to the last with Jackie’s super interesting Linuxy article. But this one feeds Orca’s obsession with microscopic-mini-micro-small computers. And it’s even a bit special. Listen up:

Intel just announced a new chipset, the Gemini Lake. And as usual in the computing world it promises to be heaps and bounds besterer and fasterer than it’s predecessor, the Apollo Lake family. And Intel packages it in a new NUC.

Not much newness on the case front, as the brand new Gemini Lakes don’t look much different from older generations.

As you’ll no doubt find out when you watch Lon Sykes’ video, you mustn’t be fooled by the cheap retail prices. NUCs are barebones, which means you’ve gotta purchase and install RAM and mass storage seperately!

So, if you wanna have the bestest and most fancy Intel NUC, expect to pay considerately more. I’d wait a few weeks before buying a Gemini Lake NUC anyway, they are still so new and hardware support by various Linux distros is probably not sorted out totally. And anyhoo, you should wait for the 4-core version, which will be more powerfullerer.

Most important: Yes, Ubuntu runs on this NUC. So should Mint. No infos about other distributions and Linux familes.

What we can say with some degree of certainty is that Gemini Lakes are running faster than Apollo Lake and older generations. Well, if you just want a cheap banger to throw some Linuxes on, I wouldn’t bother with any new PC anyway. If on the other hand you have some real world usage scenario in mind, you should wait for the 4-core versions which will be Pentiums.


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