This Woman Knows

… what she’s talking about:

As always, Twitter knows more.

Hmm, I dunno if the Russians would really leave. I mean there’s some yummy oil fields to have, no? And Assad, as we all know, is a meaniepooface dictator who throws stinkybombs at his own people, so he can’t be trusted with all that lekker oil neither. Just imagine he would use the oil riches in support of Syria, so his country can be well off and stay civilized. The West can’t have that. Oil must be for the profit of only a handful oligarchs, so they sent in their very own corporate terrorists. And the rest is very sad history.

But then, what fearsome dictator would drive his little Honda Accord through the streets of Damascus if his people would hate him as much as the Americans are trying to tell us?

But hey, that’s not a stretch limo worthy of a stately dictator! Oh, I bet the guy will have to face an angry missus Assad once he comes home from the frontlines. She had planned to go on a shopping spree and he just took her car. Typical for those small time wannabe presidents.

Sooo, enuff geo-politics for today, dontcha think? Back to the institutional blogging nonsense of Thar She Blows! now …


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