Fuk’n Stupid Hobbits

Can you believe this shit?

Can’t they make up some spies, like all the other countries do?

Kinda cute, our kiwi friends. Don’t they know we’re living in postfactual times, nobody really believes in the Skripal story anyway, it’s highly unlikely and noone’s interested in the truth?

Let’s recap for a moment here, ok? The murder happened on the 4th of March, right? And not even two weeks later all the freedom and peace loving Western democracies have already dutifully produced  more than 100 Russian spies. That’s how it’s done, you stupid sheepfukkas!

It would be easy for NZ to expel some Russkis as well if they would just magically make a spy appear out if thin air. Wasn’t there that drunken guy at the last Xmas function at the Russian Embassy in Wellington? The one that nearly raped your favourite sheep? Ya, that one! Just say he’s a spy and send him home. The international community of wannabe democracies will be ever so grateful.


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