The World Sailing Show – April 2018

Look what auntie Orcsi found for you today on the Utoobz:

0:48 Racing home for tea – Maserati’s impressive new record

6:49 America’s Cup news

7:56 Caribbean 600 – A big blast and records tumble

14:13 Foiling for all at the dinghy show

17:32 Extreme Sailing Series kicks off

19:02 Volvo Ocean Race Leg 6 – High stress into Auckland

Smashing the 14,000 mile record from China to London was a seriously impressive achievement by Giovanni Soldini and crew. This month we ride with the Maserati team aboard their 70ft trimaran as they take on The Great Tea Race that dates back more than 150 years. We head to Antigua where simply finishing this year’s Caribbean 600 was an achievement and to New Zealand were stress levels went through the roof in the Volvo Ocean Race. We also visit the world’s biggest dinghy show to find out how foiling may no longer be the preserve of professionals. Plus, the latest from the Extreme Sailing Series and the America’s Cup.



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