Jackie was Right!

Huh, wot?

What a stupid, stupid idea
Still, without much hope we’ve gotta check it out …
… and … TADAA!!! 😮

Peepels, this is phuked up!

What’s the big difference between Singu and Firestorm that one won’t even get into the login screen and the other is running perfectly? And, much more important, why can’t it be the other way round? Like most sane avatar riders I much prefer the true V1 surface of Singu over the badly compromised FS Phoenix version.

At least I can log in again now and test some more onsens and of ZZ Bottom’s vehicles.

Also we can rule Namib and the AUR out as culprits.

So Jackie was correct! That’s the beauty of working with pros. 😉

And please excuse Orca’s nekkidness, for her it’s not even two minutes ago since she stepped out of the hot bath.


  1. Personally, I prefer the FS viewer…but not how it comes out of the box. I move the tools to the left side, get rid of buttons I don’t want and add others I do and then start mucking about in Preferences, to me and it is just me..Singularity is like DOS in comparison…but that is my opinion …because again…I like easy to use and simple and have every feature known to mankind in the same note. 🙂

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    • But but but … that’s the very same reason why I prefer Singu. I grew up on V1 viewers, and Singu perfectly mimicks the 1.25 viewer + added mesh and bento and stuffz. Can’t be any simpler, as it’s like I’m using the same viewer since 11 years now. V2 was too confusing for me and always gave me the feeling as if I’d look at SL through a filter of sorts. And when they came up with V3 they had already lost me since yeeeeaaars.
      Anyhoo, I guess I can live with FS in Phoenix mode for a while. If they wouldn’t have ripped the IM window off the conversation box it’d be really okay. When I tried Phoenix the last time I found out why so many people do’t answer to IMs anymore. They are on FS and don’t even notice when IMs coming in.

      I don’t want any feature known to mankind. Same as with my desktop I want the viewer to disappear from the screen and not be in my way.


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