Hah! I knew it!

Ok, swopped MX-17 for another Debian distro, LMDE2, which I had laying around and always use as emergency distro. And we just had an emergency, remember? So in typical easy peasy Linux manner deleting MX-17, formatting the hard drive and installing LMDE went in a matter of five minutes or so. Two minutes later, and before doing anything else … here we are!


It werkz! Of course does it work, as this is the fukn legendary RockSolidStable Debian, a system made for abuse and high class sillyness. Ok, so now we know Singularity’s latest Alpha version for Linux 64-bit is not to blame. Neither is Linux as such. Note that LMDE is also a Linux OS. And it runs Second Life without a hitch.

Lemmy quickly try another Arch-based system now. How about we look at an absolute champion of the masses, Antergos? And I’m gonna try that on Gaga. And with Cinnamon desktop for a change. I mean what for do I have so many PCs, right?

Hang on, I’m right back with ya …

First try, with traditional download from Singularity’s website:

What a remarkably clean desktop. Nice but Singu refuses to open. 😦

Second try, direct installation from the AUR:

Surprise mozzafukka, nothing to see here neither. Go ahead.

Oh geeze, methinks it’s some Archy shit again. I mean both Arch distros I tried showing the same non-results in all configurations and two different desktop environments.

What am I supposed to do now, twiddle my thumbs? Ugh, man. 😦


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