Bad Bad Evil Namib GNU/Linux. :..(

Here, see this?


What ya lookin’ at? Is four computaz, of on all of which is supposed to run an instance of our beloved Singularity Second Life viewer. But it don’t! Weirdest thing is tho, when I tried to run Singu on MiniMe (left side upper row), on which MX-17, the nifty Debian system is installed, Singu didn’t run from there neither. 😮

Fuuuuuk! Just day before yesterday I was happily reviewing an onsen inworld. Look, here’s the proof:

Those were the days …

And today when I tried to log in to do some snooping around for another blogstory … NUFFINK! Then tried it on my two other Namib-powered machines as well, even on the MX-17 Debian powered one. Failed on all four of ’em. 😦

Then I thought, hey that’s maybe some other issue. I mean failing by installing Singu on that bitchy MX-17 crap, well, these things can happen. But on my carefully maintained Arch boxes it’s impossible. Just impossible. :/ Particularly on MiniMax (upper row, middle) where the viewer was installed and running flawlessly, we don’t expect fukups like that one. And that I wasn’t able to install the Singularityviewer-Alpha from the famous AUR on my other Namib machines … I guess there must have something stupid had happened in one of the latest system updates.

Guess I’ll try now to find a solution in the Namib forum. Problem is, it’s still a very young distro with not many members and only a small number of topics in the forum. So I might not be able to find peace of mind there. 😦

Shit man, I really need to log in world nownow in order to find some blogworthy material. And what the fuk do I have not one, not two, not three, but fukn four computers for, when I can’t log in SL on a single one of those?

Oh, I get it … ya ya. “Install Windows, bish, and be happy and everything werkz!”. Yeah? Well, fuk you and your Windows. You’ve seen Orca doing all kinds of stupid things in world. Since 2011 I’m doing them on Linux! Not on Win. Not on Mac. But in Linux. All sorts of Linuxes. And only Arch based distros were giving me problems. Up to now. The fukup on MX-17 is prolly my own fault, so I’ll try it on Mint now, and see if that treats me better …

kthxbai xoxox




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