OrcNet isn’t so Bad Afterall


You know how I despise my shitty, outdated netbook, dontcha? It’s of really crappy quality and very sloooow. An abyssmal thing, even by Acer standards. Actually the only thing I really like about it is its small size. And that is really the only reason since it makes a perfect travel companion. Lately I’ve even developed something like pride of ownership. For that shitty plastic fantastic piece of riff-raff. 😮


What has changed?

This has changed … everything! Namib GNU/Linux has made OrcNet a real useful computer.

Ugh  you know exactly what has changed: A month and a day ago I installed the yummy tasteful Namib GNU/Linux operating system on it, and for the first time in its barmy life it’s doing kinda great, runs fast and spunky and gives me kinda joy. \o/ Fuk yay! \o/

The multiple daily updates run smoothly and don’t meddle with my workflow.

Needless to say that I’m blogging this story from the very same machine now. You know usually I just transfer the photos from distro reviews on my smller machines over to MiniMax and type the actual blog and go on from there, but it’s not necessary with OrcNet. Here I went thru the hassle to populate the browser with all my bookmarks, set up Thar She Blows as start page and logged in, ready for blogging.

Wanna see?

OrcNet in full blogging action. Rad!

Thinking about it, adding photos is even easier on OrcNet than on my big rig. Acer were so nice and gave it a full SD card reader, while on MiniMax I first have to connect a dongle.

See? All is good.

And again, why did I do all that, against my lazy nature, if I’m just reviewing, long term testing Namib on OrcNet? Because, boiz n gurlz, this is a keeper! If everything goes according to plan – and what could possibly go wrong? – I’m planning to schlepp this very netbook, with the very same Linux OS, on it to our annual vacation in Jerrylandia. Because why not!?

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