Early Morning in Triumphal

But first the shock when logging in …

BOOYAH! In yo face motherfukker! Rather awkward image to wake up to.
Anyhoo, met the great TrYC chairwoman Trapez Breen playing around with her old Open 60 in Triumphal lagoon. Long time no see so we chatted about everything important right now in our lifes and all the things of interest for girls: The new Fujifim camera, GoPros, Trap’s daily commute from her fjordside village into Oslo, boardwalks, lack of boardwalks, mopeds, books, tv series, getting up early … can you believe Trap was already back from sailing and still had two hours time to kill before she had to leave for work? Crayzeee!!! 😮
Trap’s sunny village in the lovely Norse winter. Brrr. 😦
What else did we talk about? Video editing, ska music .. oh, and Trap is thinking about getting rid of Triumphal! 😮 Oyoyoy. I mean it’s not my business but that would mean the end of an era, the end of the proud and mighty TrYC. Or at least rendering the club homeless. 😦

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