Last Name? Thanks, I’ve already Got One.

As I’ve just read in Inara’s and Jo’s blogs The Lab has also blogged. About important stuff. At least for some/most of us some or more points of that Lab blogpost could turn out to be more or less very interesting.


Can you believe it? Second Life turns 15 this year!

To kick off our year-long birthday celebration, we’ve rounded up 15 exciting improvements and features that make Second Life better than ever in 2018 and beyond!

Yes, we know and we can believe it! Most of us shared most of the time with The Lab. Nice to hear that LL woke up from 15 years of hibernation and wants to join the festivities as well.

And yes again, we’ve also heard about the 10% lower price for mainland already. And twice the prims. Heck, my account states this little fact since a week or more. Nice. Next.

But this is new indeed: Last names are to return to SL! As far as I understood Inara they will not return in the same old good way but obviously just add a second name to your screen name, changeable on a whim and as you fancy. This meets the millenials’s needs for NO COMMITMENT and much of babble and hullabaloo about nothing. Just another toy.

SL15B_logoOh, I’ve just tried to read Linden’s blog in full but it was just too boring for this old woman. Looks like we’re all moving to the cloud soon-ish and there was some talk about experiences … something I never understood. I like to make my own experiences and learn from them, wether bad or good doesn’t matter. But I guess The Lab’s definition of experience differs quite a bit from what humans usually understand as an experience. Anyhoo, we’ll get them! Whatever they are. Let’s deal with it. Or not. Meh.

Then there is a lot of small stuff I find should be a given for a webhosting company like LL and not worthy to be mentioned in a blog: Marketplace updates, improved grid performance, animesh, bakes on mesh, environment enhancements, more games, better Linden ghettos, yawn yawn yawn…

So, excuse me for being sceptical and slightly grumpy about all the exciting new shit. For me it sounds and reads like much ado about nothing. And nothing points at a better understanding OF SL BY LL. If they had a clue about what SL truly is, they wouldn’t even attempt most of the stuff in their post. For me it looks like they describe a playground for code monkeys and geeks that won’t change anything fundamentally. Pretentious crappola as we know it from LL.



  1. Experiences are simple, you know how if you sit on a pose ball it makes a drop down asking you to accept the animation? AN experience makes it you do it once and it is universal for the sim/parcel :). It does some other crap too..windlight etc..but it basically just prevents you from having to keep saying YES

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    • But what about if I love to say YES?
      Fukn LL steals that experience from me. 😦
      No, honestly, when was the last time you sat on a poseball? I thought these things have fortunately gone extinct. Nowadays I just click on a sofa and sit my bum down and then just choose which anim/pose I wanna run.


  2. You still say “yes” at the start of the Experience (or “no”) in the form of “Join” or “Decline” – so you don’t lose that joy ;-).

    The real difference is… you go to (say) an art or a game experience which has multiple teleports which you’re supposed to follow in a set order. So normally…

    … At the least, you arrive at a teleport, click on it, wait to be sat / teleported or animated as walking through a door / teleported (or similar) …

    …At the worst your arrive, click, wait for the map to open to show you your destination, then click on Teleport on the map and then teleport….

    … Which kind-of breaks the flow of exploring the installation / playing the game.

    With an experience, you accept it, arrive at the first teleport portal, and without clicking, pausing or whatever, you are “seamlessly” (allowing for TP progress screens, depending on the viewer you use) moved to your required destination.

    At the same time, the experience can control your default camera position, allowing you to see the art / game / whatever *exactly* as the creator intended.

    It also means that where there is interaction, things are much smoother.For example:

    Normally when adding / wearing things as a part of a game or something, you have accept via a dialogue box to get the items into your inventory (and sometimes even click on a “giver” in order to get the dialogue box); THEN open inventory and find the items via Recent or the “long way” of scrolling / searching); THEN right-click to add / wear – all of which can again break the flow of participation.

    With an experience, you can “pick up” objects you find and they are added to your avatar / screen – no dialogue boxes, no hunting inventory. Or you might teleport to a location in the experience where a “special” HUD is required – and the HUD is added to your screen without you having to fiddle around. Then, when you’ve finished the “special” part of the experience – the HUD is gone & deleted, no inventory mess. Similarly, when you leave the experience and go elsewhere in SL, all the other attachments are removed and gone – again, no inventory clutter.

    What’s more, the information that you had these attachments and where you were in the experience can be automatically saved by the experience, so that when you re-visit, you resume pretty much where you “left off” last time, complete with the attachments you require and any “score” you’ve achieved (if playing a game).

    So experiences are pretty powerful. Once you’ve joined one, you don’t have to re-join or anything on re-visiting the place(s) where it is active – you just carry on where you left off. (This will be changing slightly with grid-wide experiences, admittedly.)

    If you don’t want to be part of and experience you just Decline it the first time you encounter it, and it will never, ever bother you again – until you decide otherwise. You even have a set of simple tools in the viewer to manage your experiences which work in a similar manage to managing groups or things like parcel access lists.

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    • Oh Inara, all that sounds equally wonderful/frightening, depending on personal perspective. I’m kinda totally against prefab experiences by the lab or other creators, so I’ve never tried any experience yet. It would feel like a senseless waste of time. And rob me of my self-determination. Anyhoo, thx for explainifying it. Now I have a bit better grasp on what makes an experience.


      • SL is what it is for each of us; if you don’t want to participate – you don’t have to 🙂 . For my part, I’ve found the majority of the Experiences I’ve tried to be fun / interesting and sometimes rewarding. Those that aren’t… I simply “leave” via the viewer’s management tools.

        Take the European Masters art exhibition in the main hall of the Vordun Gallery, for example. It’s a highly effective demonstration of how subtle but beneficial an Experience can be.

        I should have also added that you also know pretty much what to effect in terms of controls on your avatar before you accept any experience – as everything is expressly listed in the invitation to join. Also, all permissions granted in joining an Experience are automatically revoked on leaving the Experience region / parcel (I suspect such revoking might come down to something like the removal of a HUD on on-screen “token” when grid-wide experiences are introduced).

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