Crappola! :(

Here! See this?


Yes, I know. As a YouTuber the good old Quids has to crank out content all the time, so his channel (which is actually one of the better ones) can grow and become bigger. Quite understandable. And when a major distro like Ubuntu comes out with a new LTS Long Term Support version, all the YouTubers feel compelled to make videos about it.

Buuuuuut. Ubuntu is shit! Didn’t brave little warrior Orca tell you that quite often enough? So how about the YouTube squad won’t flock at every new fart by Ubuntu’s mother hen, Canonical inc.? What about if you peepels just ignore it and let it die by the wayside? There are indeed not just some, but in fact a lot of much better, easier, faster Linux distros to report about.

Grrr, must I make my own YouTube channel now, if nobody reads blogs anymore? Not sexy enough or what? But I don’t want my own YT channel. I’m much too shy and my Inglisch is soo fukn bad, ju wudent anderständ mi änniwäi. And vlogging in German? No, please nooo!

Anyhoo, at least Quid wasn’t too happy about Ubuntu 18.04. That’s at least something. But why add to the hype in the first place?



  1. Ok Ubuntu is shit, now tell me why you feel that way? Aside from the ugly orange default wallpaper you get on install what is it exactly that you don’t like about it. It works fine on my lappy, shit I want is in the “store” and everything just works. My preferred desktop is cinnamon, it installed without a hitch. I formatted a drive installed Ubuntu and was up and running in about 10 minutes without a hitch. What’s not to like?

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    • Ok, to be very honest, I have to admit I never ever had any version of Ubuntu on any of my machines. Already on day one I read somewhere that there is a better, lighter, faster, more comfortable version of Ubuntu available: Linux Mint!
      So without further thinking about it I was on Mint … and loved it. Mint came with all the media codecs and had this super hardware detection and many more creature comfort things than vanilla Ubuntu. Also I never liked the Unity desktop with the weird side panel. So I was a total Minty girl. Until I found my guruine who convinced me that all Ubuntu-ish Ubuntu forks are shit af and she’d show me how to be a real cool girl by installing Manjaro.
      Never really looked back and have nothing but contempt for any *buntu stuff.


    • That’s good. I kinda like to work in the Terminal since it is generally faster and more elegant. But to each their own. And that’s something I only learned just recently: There is no BESTEST Linux ever! Because there are so many Linuxes available, there is something for everyone, for every taste and individual workflow. From smartphone-ish UIs to really complicated desktops like KDE with all the bells and whistles.

      So I’m not looking down on Ubuntu fans anymore. Only Ubuntu’s mothership, Canonical Inc. made some questionable commercial decisions lately, which I don’t like so much. So I stay away from that stuff. And particularly with the new desktop, Gnome 3.xx, which I hate even more than Unity. I know there are many flavours of Ubuntu available but why should I use Ubu as my base when I have it so much better with Arch?

      But as I said, we’re all different and theer ain’t no BEST Linux. Only individually best for individual tastes. Still you should try something more advanced than stupid Ubuntu. =^.^=


    • Really looking forward to read … and reblog, this article. 😉 Maybe later tonight since now I’ve gotta make dinner, and then is movie time.


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