A New Oubaas?

Today I could collect Oubaas from the workshop. Still not completely sorted out but slowly we’re getting there.
Then I drove to Kalli’s Turbo Loader workshop around the corner and there I noticed this Bedford. At first sight Vauxhall’s answer to Ford’s Transit looked kinda nice with kinda fresh paintjob and properly closing doors.
But that was just the outside. Inside it’s an empty shell with only a steering wheel and a beefy Rover V8 engine. Thanks, but no thanks. No use for the next Frankenstein, powered by a British riff raff motor. 😮 And look at the tailgate. 😦 Not even barn doors, but shitty uppydownyswingy shit.
I also noticed how ridiculously small this vehicle is. It’s a joke, a dwarf car. Only thing I kinda liked at this van were the tyres. Not as wide as ours but with a substantially higher profile. This should make driving the Oubaas much smoother. Maybe we should go there tonight and redistribute ’em. =^.^=

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