Ever since I’ve readered about 2ᴇʟᴡƎ in Kate Bergdorf’s bloggy I knew I had to go there. I just knew I would like it. And since I’m so lazy lately and can hardly ever be bothered to log in world, of course it took me, like, almost two monthes until I finally went there.


And I can tell you, I was not disappointed. Absolutely not. I fukzn loved it! Liked it even better than I liked it in Kate’s photos. Okay, stop babbling Orca, show us your snapshots:

LOL, unfortunate choice of dress today. That slutty thing always looks a bit wet. And the rain didn’t help the appearance to look more like a reasonable artsy fartsy sim critic. :/
My favourite shot. The rainshowers in 2ᴇʟᴡƎ come in random intervals and it just started to rain again when I was about ready to pull the trigger.
I love the partly industrial, partly nonsensical and partly fantastical buildings and landscapes in 2ᴇʟᴡƎ. If you wanna know more or hear an interpretation you should really really read Kate’s blogstory. She knows so much more than me … and she seems to care about SL stuff. Plus she can write Inglisch very good. 😉
Kate also is the talentederer photog than me, although I made this photo quite good, no? Like a deer in the headlights. The car looks like it’s older than Turdy and Oubaas combined and is going nowhere. So no fear, Orcsi will stay healthy and accident free for a while longer.
Don’t ask me what purpose these turbine-ish looking things have. I guess it’s all part of 2ᴇʟᴡƎ bullshit industry.
At least there is a little bar for the imagined workers of the fantasy plant. So they can have their well-earned lunch beer.
But there is also some nifty landscaping. One can say that 2ᴇʟᴡƎ‘s a damn fine location for snapping cool photos. Talking about photos, I didn’t use the recomended WL settings but one of the also “permitted” alternatives, namely Bristol. It’s not as dark and gloomy as the original WL but adds some nice highlights to the pretty monochrome set.
Most impressed I was with the road setting in 2ᴇʟᴡƎ. It’s astonishing how much atmosphere the sim builders managed to pack into a simple straightforward road.
The whole sim has indeed something Nipponese, dunno why …
None of the ladies wanted to dance with me. Pretty stupid autistic behaviour if you ask me. 😦
When it rains it pours!
I stopped wondering about the sense behind artsy farty sims long ago, instead i just enjoy them as they are.
Man, this sim is really really something. I’m loving it!
Had to take a break in this kaput house.
It’s not just the details, zoomed out 2ᴇʟᴡƎ looks nice as well.

What a sim. I strolled throughout the whole thing for about an hour and was, like, really pissed off when I had seen everything. Would’ve loved to snoop around in 2ᴇʟᴡƎ for much longer.

Strong recommendation!

Just can’t get enuff of this sim. =^.^=

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