Okay, now, please … before you break out in loud Hoorays and start a frenzy of installing Linux distros directly from your Win 10, please reread the first paragraph of the It’s FOSS article:

You can download these two distributions from Microsoft Store and install them like any other Windows 10 application. This way, you get the command line version of these Linux distributions.

I have no clue about Microsoft’s WSL thingie but as I read it you get versions of the Linuxes who run in command line mode, which means the feared Linux Terminal. 😦 This makes about as much sense as Windows without a mouse/touchpad/touchscreen. So I guess this only benefits geeks who already know very much what they are doing in Linux. Of course we all hoped for an easy way to install and run some real versions of those Linuxes in an easy and riskfree way.

Would’ve been too nice, right? But then, some of you might actually be convinced by what Linux is offering, you might eventually switch to dual-booting … and to 100% Linux in the long run.

Of course Microsoft doesn’t really want that. Shit. 😦

OTOH installing Linux on your Windows machine without deleting Windows, and run your PC in dual boot mode is easy af. Then you get the “real thing” Linux of your choice and can keep your Win as well. And almost no risk. For me that sounds like the faaaar better alternative to Micosoft’s Subsystem for Linux WSL.

And as always, please guys, if any of you are trying WSL out, or are already dual booting Win and Linux, what is your experience, what are the pros and cons?

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