More Cautionary Tales

Ok, I was stupid. Yes, again. Remember how I thought that headlamps won’t work with rechargeable AAA batteries but one needs to use rechargeable AA batteries?


Turned out my wisdom was shit. Some headlamps just won’t work with rechargeable batteries, no matter what size. Got this lamp at my last haul from China Town … and that was maybe, or surely, my biggest mistake. Instead of having bought now my third cheap af lamp I should’ve gone to the globetrotter/survivalist store and acquire one decent headlamp that will work with rechargeable AA batteries. A Petzl or Energizer will cost more than all my 3 lamps but at least it’ll save me money in the long run.

Don’t get me wrong. I love China and most of their quirky products. And my headlamps were all soooooo fukn cheap I could just toss them away without feeling bad. And if anyone thinks traditional mountaineering suppliers like Petzl or battery specialists like Energizer won’t get their goods from China needs to get their brain checked. But there are products from China and there is shit from China. And what I did was stupid. Still I wish the manufacturers would tell us already on the box what kind of batteries you need for their products. And if it would  say “No rechargeables!” I’d know to stay away from that shitty product.

These lamps by Petzl are shit expensive and for snobs rather than for real people. But at least they are rechargeable!


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